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Yes! One simple monthly price gets you all the features and benefits available. No long-term contracts, no upsells, no hidden fees, no tricks. When you join the team, you become family. We give you everything we have to offer!

Is Jared Ward really going to coach me?

Absolutely! Through technology, Jared is able to coach his team from all around the world. Since team members are at different levels, Jared coaches the nuances on how to succeed physically, mentally, and emotionally in a way that helps every team member become a better and more fulfilled runner. Being a husband, father, professional athlete, and university professor, he knows the challenges of training and succeeding. His coaching is much more than simply throwing a training plan at you and wishing you good luck. He truly wants to see every team member succeed!

Can I join if I'm not actively training for a race?

Yes. Having access to coaching is extremely beneficial no matter where you are in your running. Whether you are building base miles, in maintenance, or in recovery from a previous race, Jared's coaching coupled with all the benefits of the team membership with help you succeed in your current goals in preparation for future races.

After I sign-up, what's next?

You will have access to select and load a training plan to your calendar. The training plan will personalize to your needs based on the training zones that you create for yourself.

How do the live coaching calls work?

Jared coaches online using Zoom. All live participants will be able to live chat with each other and be able to ask questions which Jared can address during the coaching session.

What if I missed a live coaching call?

All coaching calls are recorded and will be stored to allow you to watch it at your convenience.

Do I need the Final Surge app?

No, Final Surge is also available via its website, BUT we recommend getting the app. The app is available on both Apple and Android. The benefit of the app is that it gives you easier access to all the team resources.

Can I sync my GPS watch, heart rate monitor, and other smart devices to my account?

Yes. The easiest way to connect your devices is to sync it through your Strava account, if you have one. The benefit of connecting through Strava is that Strava syncs with almost all brands of devices out there. You can also connect through your Garmin Connect account if you have one. If you don't have a Strava or Garmin Connect account, then we'd recommend you create a free Strava account and then connect your Final Surge account with that.

How do the discussion boards work?

Team members are able to interact with each other through the discussion boards and social networking function in the Final Surge app. The discussion boards allow team members to ask questions, offer advice, and encourage one another. The social networking function allows team members to form deeper levels of engagement with the team, allowing team members to share anything they want. We at Team Endure Strong truly believe we are a team--both in running and in life.

What if I need to cancel my membership?

You can cancel at anytime, no questions asked.