Think you can't afford access to one of the world's greatest minds when it comes to running? Think again! 

Before Team Endure Strong, if you wanted to hire a coach of Jared Ward's caliber, you'd have to spend hundreds of dollars a week. That would easily add up to thousands of dollars per race for coaching. 

Even if you could afford to spend money like that, we know we can't (Yes, Jared is a professional athlete, but running doesn't pay the bills quite like the NBA—sorry, Jared), Jared doesn't have the time to give one-on-one attention.

One of the main benefits of Team Endure Strong is that we model it after the traditional high school track team—a coach overseeing multiple athletes through a well organized system. The coach is able to teach, motivate, and guide individuals in a group setting. It's a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved. You on a team plus Jared equals a winning combination.

Through the wonder of technology, Jared is able to hold live coaching calls with the entire team no matter where each team member lives. During these team meetings, Jared shares his wisdom on different topics that help you train better, avoid injuries, and race faster. You are able to interact and ask questions through a chat box so you have direct interaction with Jared and your teammates. At the end of each topic discussion, Jared leaves time at the end for anyone to ask general questions. 

If you can't make a live call due to scheduling conflicts, you submit your questions beforehand so they can be addressed during the call. Every coaching call is recorded and then uploaded into the member area so you can watch the replay at your convenience.

The live coaching calls are something that we love most about the team experience. These meetings allow us to gather together to become better through direct interaction. They are an opportunity to really help you get the most out of the rest of the resources that are provided.

We don't only give you a training plan and wish you good luck. We give you as much support and encourage as possible so you are able to succeed—no matter your level of running or goals may be! And live coaching calls is a major way we help you succeed.


A snippet from a live coaching call of Jared answering a team member's question on injury prevention.



Training plans

Training Plan.png

An example of a base building training plan.

We believe that amazing things happen when goals are set. And the best way to achieve a goal is to have a good plan. Running is no exception and so we have a plan for you. In fact, we have many plans for you.

We have training plans helping new runners learn to run, training plans to help build and/or maintain base running fitness, and training plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon distances. Each race specific training plan is then divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and elite running levels with various mileage options. In all, there are 12 options available for each race specific training plan to meet your ability and needs. And furthermore, each training plan comes in different lengths of time to offer you flexibility.

Every training plan is modeled after how Jared prepares for each event. Naturally, beginner runners need different plans than elites like Jared, but the patterns and principles are similar. Each training plan has been painstakingly adapted to every running ability to properly balance improvement while minimizing the dangers of injury.

We also believe a plan should serve you and that you shouldn't serve the plan. For this reason, we provide many other features—coaching calls, video training library, software tools, and more—that guide you through your training. The full Team Endure Strong experience allows you to get the most out of your training plan so you can have the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals.



An example of Jared coaching on how to pick the right marathon training plan for you.





An example of an on-demand video that helps you train correctly.

Our training plans and processes may be unique to you. You probably will have questions about your training because you want to do it right. Although the live coaching calls are great opportunities to ask your questions, we can't afford the time to have similar questions asked and answered time and time again. To solve this problem, we have recorded many videos of Jared coaching common and important parts of the training programs.

You will have access to on-demand videos of Jared coaching on how to set proper goals, how to select the best plan to help you achieve your goals while minimizing the risks of injury, how to set your pace zones, what the various workout runs are and how to properly execute them, how to best incorporate strength training and cross training, tips on nutrition, and more. The video library is a living resource that we will continuously build up so that you have a go-to library of information to get your questions answered without having to wait for the next live coaching call.


An on-demand video of Jared demonstrating strides.


tracking & analytics


Our team member area is powered by Final Surge and they have created many powerful tools for you to track and analyze your progress.

When you select a training plan, it is automatically uploaded into your calendar making it convenient for you to follow your plan and track your progress. You are able to create push notifications, text messages, or emails to remind you of upcoming runs.

If you run with smart devices like a GPS watch and heart rate monitor, the data collected can be setup to automatically upload and mark your training as complete. If you don't use smart devices, you can manually enter the data yourself.

Once your run is marked as complete, you are able to add the valuable qualitative feedback. Final Surge allows you to track how you felt, your perceived effort, and to quickly write down additional notes. We love these features! Your running journey is more than numbers and these features allow you to reflect upon important aspects of your training. For example, let's say that you are constantly feeling terrible with every run being difficult despite being able to meet the planned workout numbers. This is a sign that the training plan isn't working. This would be a warning sign of impending failure and changes need to be made before injury and/or burnout happen. 

In addition, Final Surge allows you to track your various body aches and pains. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to run forever without your body experiencing pain now and again. By tracking when and where the pain first appears and then tracking the accompanying trends of pain intensity helps you make smart and early adjustments to avoid serious injuries that drastically set you back and push your goals further away. When used correctly, this should help you better learn the difference between good aches and pains versus threatening injury pains.

All these features are important to your Team Endure Strong experience because we personally can't track and analyze everything for you. These tools allow you to really learn your body and your abilities and how to make decisions to always move forward towards your goals. We provide lots of various sources of instruction but you are the ultimate authority in your journey and these tracking and analytic tools help you best put into practice what you learn.





We at Team Endure Strong may each be different, but we all run better together. Having you be part of a team is extremly important to our mission. No great runner became great on their own. No matter where you are in your running journey, you need support networks that lift you up and inspire you to be better. We take that responsibility seriously.

It can be lonely running day in and day out without interaction with other runners. Having a coach, having teammates, and being a good teammate makes running so much better. Motivation levels stay higher. It is easier to stay consistent. It is motivating knowing others are out there putting in the work like you.

The team member area has social walls and discussion forums to allow for virtual team interaction. It doesn't quite match in-person interaction with other runners, but it is the next best thing that we can offer.

On the social wall, You can share your thoughts, photos, videos, and/or your workout information with the team. You can also comment and like your teammates' posts.

In the discussion forums, you can ask questions and have more in-depth conversations. It is also another great place for the coach to pass important information to the whole team. 

Our vision is that the team will grow to the point where we not longer interact in only an online world. We envision the day when Team Endure Strong athletes recognizing each other at events is commonplace. When Team Endure Strong athletes recognize each other running around each other's streets. When Team Endure Strong is known as the premier running program for any runner at any level. 

And as the team grows, we plan to create team member only opportunities to gather together, train together, race together, and enjoy each other's company together—in person.



Final Surge Square.jpg

We are able to provide you with the most state-of-the-art team experiences because we correctly chose Final Surge to power our team member area. We wouldn't be able to boast about all the high quality services that we provide for you at such an extremely reasonable price with the services that Final Surge provide. 

Although not required, we highly recommend every team member downloads and uses the Final Surge app on their smartphone. The Final Surge app is intuitive and simple so it keeps things easy so you don't waste time dealing with unnecessary technological struggles. We want you to spend more time living and less time messing around with technology.

And what we love most about Final Surge is that they build their services based on our feedback. You are able to make suggestions for improvement and we are able to partner with Final Surge to make your experience that much better.



What we may love most about our team services is the low price that we offer our team members. It almost is too ridiculous to be true to be coached by a world-class athlete for only $26.2 a month. That kind of money should only get you about a 10 minute conversation with a professional like Jared. Being on a team has multiple benefits and one of those benefits is having a very low cost to gain access to Jared's coaching, his training plans, and his entire system within the team structure.

We also think that $26.2 is a such a fun price that we couldn't pass it up. We probably should have charged more for our membership fees, but lucky for you—for both your legs and your wallet—marathons are 'only' 26.2 miles. :)

So what are you waiting for? Join us!