Fan Y.

I have great experience with Team Endure Strong. I follow the coach and top Olympic marathon runner Jared Ward on Twitter and other social medias and when I find the news that Jared is coaching Team Endure Strong, without doubt, I joined the team. I am an Ironman and Boston Marathon Finisher. I have finished many marathons and two Ironman 70.3 and one Ironman. I have some personal experience on running and endurance sports, but I want to find out where my limit is. There are couple of things I enjoy with Team Endure Strong. I can select a suitable marathon plan to meet my personal goal, those plans are tailored by Coach Jared and Andrew with flexible length. The app is really a great tool to track your own performance and progress. It provides multiple point of views, and cover not only running but also other endurance sports like swimming and cycling. Most importantly, we have a live coach call with Jared every two-three weeks. Jared will cover different marathon training and racing topics from basic nutrition to running mental. He will answer our questions during the call. I would say this is the most important thing I like about Team Endure Strong. Jared provides many great running insights from his personal experience and knowledge, which helps me understand more about the marathon. I believe with Coach Jared’s advice, I can set my new personal best. If you wish to either learn how to run a marathon, or hope to run a new personal best, please
come and try Team Endure Strong.

Andrew Webb